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The inception of the recording choir of Shiloh Baptist Church was the vision of its pastor, Rev. Steve Daniels, Jr. Initially the choir, like any other church choir, was solely responsible for rendering soul-stirring and saving music during Sunday morning worship services. However, Pastor Daniels envisioned much, much more for this choir. With his son, Steven Daniels, taking the reigns of minister of music in 1994, the choir flourished incessantly both musically and spiritually. The anointing of this choir was undeniable.

In December of 1999, during the choir’s annual Christmas concert, the choir performed two original songs written by Steven. The songs and the overwhelming displayal of talent were the precursor to the choir’s first live recording, which took place in May of 2000. The live recording was a huge local success and it was the catalyst for their next project self titled “Steven Daniels & Shiloh Gospel Choir.” The project was a remake of their prior live recording with a few additional songs. That project was blessed to receive solid radio air play and distribution throughout the country. More importantly, it served as an instrument to save and inspire listeners beyond the Twin Cities’ metropolitan area.

In October of 2004, Steven Daniels & Shiloh Gospel Choir released their highly anticipated sophmore release “God Is Real.” The album offered a variety of styles and something special for everyone. Along with Steven Daniels & Shiloh Gospel Choir, the album also featured national recording artist, Ricky Dillard of New Generation Chorale. The hit single "He's Alright" received national radio air play and the project was a success overall. 

After twelves years of not releasing any new music, Steven Daniels & Shiloh Gospel Choir are finally back! They were blessed to have a live recording in November of 2014 and after a year and a half of working diligently on the project, the wait is OVER! The highly anticipated album "iBelieve" has been released and is now available! You will definitely enjoy the melodious sounds of the hit single "Nearer" and also the hit single "Home In Zion", which is a song dedicated to all church mothers. Please support ths project and pray God's blessing over this release.

The passion that Steven Daniels & Shiloh Gospel Choir have for music and the love for Christ is what keeps the fire blazing in their hearts, as their ultimate passion is to inspire and save souls one song at a time.