Rev. Steven Daniels Jr.










Reverend Steve Daniels, Jr. is no stranger to quartet music. As a previous writer and lead singer for the Jordan Crusaders, Daniels sang twelve years throughout the state of Mississippi and other states throughout the country, spreading the Word of God through song. In 1985, God called Daniels to preach and he immediately began to pastor; yet, singing always remained a passion in his heart.

In 1991, Daniels and his family were called to St. Paul, MN to pastor Shiloh M.B. Church. His gift of preaching, teaching and singing has blessed Shiloh to flourish into one of the largest ministries in the Twin Cities.

Though Daniels is a pastor, he has always had a desire to return to his roots and release a solo project. In 2008, Daniels was approached by his son, songwriter and producer Steven, with material that could not be refused. After five short months in the studio, “God Is Everything” was released to a live audience that riveted anointing and praise.

“God Is Everything” is a mixture of contemporary and traditional quartet, topped off with a hymn and prayer. It is spirit-filled and anointed by the Lord with each song delivering the message of hope, love and joy.