Since its inception in 2004, the vision of Xcentric Records has been to record great gospel music, with the goal of eccentrically exposing this music to the world. Founder and CEO, Steven Daniels, brought that vision to life in 2004 with the label’s first release, and his second recording, entitled God Is Real. Stepping out and starting a record label was a big leap for Daniels, but the dream all began with his first recording in May of 2000. That recording eventually led to a surprise writing opportunity with national recording artist, The Mississippi Mass Choir. The Mississippi Mass Choir went on to record his song, God Is Keeping Me, in 2004 and released it on their album, Not By Might Nor Power in 2005. This blessed opportunity provided the push needed to carry forth the vision.

The God Is Real project featured Daniels' church choir, Shiloh Gospel Choir. It also had a guest appearance from national recording artist, Ricky Dillard. That release produced Daniels’ second opportunity to write for another national recording artist. And in 2007, the Chicago Mass Choir recorded and released his song, He's Alright on their album, Just Having Church.

In 2008, Xcentric Records released its second project, God Is Everything. This project fits into the quartet genre of gospel music, and it is a solo album featuring Daniels' father, Rev. Steve Daniels, Jr.

In 2016, after a 8-year hiatus from releasing new music, Xcentric Records released its third and most recent project entitled iBELIEVE. This project features the label's long time artist, Steven Daniels & Shiloh Gospel Choir, and it is well worth the wait! iBELIEVE takes its listeners on a journey that revives the trifecta – the mind, body and spirit. 

The title track ‘iBELIEVE’ is a fun, catchy track that encourages you to chant, “I’m a believer” and is sure to be a favorite among your little ones. ‘It Will Get Better’ sends an encouraging message to persevere despite the valleys of life because “God’s gonna turn it around.” While ‘Nearer’ and ‘Thirsty’ are contemporary songs that will inspire listeners to have a more intimate relationship with Christ. However, Steven Daniels & Shiloh Gospel Choir, take us back to their southern, foot-stomping roots with tunes like ‘Home in Zion’ and ‘He’ll Work it Out’ featuring Marva McKinley of The Mississippi Mass Choir. 

Steven Daniels, the writer and producer of iBELIEVE, has delivered a project to satisfy the desires of various musical palates and promises to leave you longing for more...more...and more.